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Flipper HD Wallpapers™ is the ultimate wallpaper application for your Android device. With over 1 million High Definition wallpapers to flip through, it would be difficult to see them all. Very simple and easy to use interface allows you to save a wallpaper, set it as your wallpaper, and share to Twitter and other social networks so others may also enjoy. Enjoy on your new Google Pixel, Honor Pro, Galaxy S8 edge, or LG G6. Flip-through the images and enjoy!

Key Features:

  • Over 1,000,000 HD Wallpapers and growing!
  • Human moderated content. You vote by Sharing and TOP RATED will change daily or hourly.
  • Full Twitter and Social Network integration. Instantly share any wallpaper with your followers on Twitter or other social networks.
  • Rate wallpapers simply by sharing on Twitter or another social network. The more you share, the higher the rating.
  • Easy instant-download so you may save multiple wallpapers and view or set them as your background later.
  • Flipper HD Wallpaper widgets allow you to view new and random HD wallpapers every 30 minutes.
  • Flipper HD Wallpaper widgets are compatible with the Lock screen and Home screen. See new and exciting HD wallpapers right from your lock screen, and resize them to get the full HD effect. Save, Share, or view more details all from the widgets.
  • Use Daydream feature on Android or Screensaver on Android 2.3+ to watch wallpapers flip by customized by you.
  • Want to celebrate a Holiday? Great, simply use Search and Flipper will fill your screen with Holiday cheer!
  • Want wallpapers for your favorite sports team to show your team spirit? Simply use Search and Flipper will find them.
  • Support for Android phones, tablets, TV Sticks, Android boxes, and Android TV devices.

Flipper HD Wallpapers is optimized for the latest versions of Android: Pixel, Pixel XL, Galaxy, HTC, LG, Huewai, Xiaomi, Nexus 9, Nexus 10, and Android TV devices like the NVIDIA Shield or TV's with Android embedded.

Flipper HD Wallpapers for Android
Full widget support including Android lockscreen and home screen as well as resize.

Flipper HD Wallpapers for Android
See full High-Def details and save, share, or set as wallpaper.

Flipper HD Wallpapers for Android
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Flipper HD Wallpapers for Android
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